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Hello beautiful reader

Before starting writing down what 2020 is all about for me , I'm taking this moment to wish you an amazing year. You didn't only step into a new year, but a WHOLE DE-CADE. May this year and decade be filled with a healthy life, amazing projects, lots of blessings,... I'm wishing you the best and am praying that you take and make the best of this 2020.

My 2019 wasn't really amazing to be honest. Not that it wasn't good but whenever I got asked how my 2019 went I never could give a concrete answer. It was more like a '"Yeah, I don't know. It wasn't good but not bad neither". I'm beyond grateful en thankful for what and whoever God put on my path.

During this year/decade I'm putting the focus on 3 things I really care about & I'm more than ready for.

1. Getting more out of my comfort zone

Getting out of my comfort zone is the best thing I've ever done and is also one of the best things to do. I guarantee you, do things you've never done before, discover things alone, try new activities, change your way of thinking & working, get to know new people,...

What's in for me this year?

  • I have a new student job I've been working in the retail sector since forever, so it was time for a change. I wanted to find a job related to my studies (Idea & Innovation Management) or in the administrative directions. I've send lots of online applies, have called many work agencies and I got a job. It went really quick. If you really want something, work for it!

  • Working on different projects with people from different countries I receive every year the opportunity to work on projects with different people. This year I'm part of an organization team for a coach conference in Brussels with a French coach. I'll give more information about that later. The event is taking place during the month of April and we have limited places. I'm also part of the organization team of activities in our church community.

  • Playing my all-time favorite instrument As a young girl I've always dreamed to play one of my favorite instruments, the piano. I never really took time to do enough research so I could play it. It was more of a dream. And this year I'll speak that dream into existence. God has put the right people on my way who can really help me to reach that goal. I'm really excited.

  • A huge project by the end of December 2020 This project is written down in my heart and on paper for many years, but I always had the feeling not having enough knowledge and expertise to launch it. I've been talking to a few people who could really help me out. There is still a lot to do, but I hope by the end of December we can get the hard work finished. If it's not by the end of this year, I'm sure it will take place nexts.

  • 3 series on my youtube channel If you didn't know, I created a youtube channel last year. While creating and filming a couple of videos, I still had the feeling I didn't reflect my personality the way I wanted and I'm feeling. I also wanted to share my favorite passions which are Fashion, Architecture & Travel. Besides that as a Christian being a part of my job is telling the Good News. This will also be done on my channel every week in another video. These are the names of the 3 upcoming series on my channel: L'item de la semaine which means This Week's Item, Clean Closet & Testimony Thursday ps. my youtube channel and videos are in French. I can express myself better. I'll try to post twice a week. (Monday & Thursday or Tuesday & Friday)

2. Being a more better version of myself

Working on myself has been one of my favorite hobbies since a couple years and is also something I keep doing every single day. The biggest challenge this year is to be more productive. I love productivity so much but I'm also kind of "very lazy". Finding the right balance will be the driver but I'm looking forward to keep things moving smarter, better & faster. God has put in me many different talents that I discovered while growing up. One of them is being a motivator and public speaking. I'm looking forward to use these to motivate people finding their purpose in life.

Besides that being an upcoming stylist/ fashion consultant has shown me how much I love fashion and dressing up people. I've been shopping with and for my friends & family many times and receiving all kind of positive feedback made me feel very confident in what I'm doing. I also gave 3 make-overs to 3 close friends and I really was in my element.

Planning to do this more during this year and I'll probably film it and place it on my youtube channel too.

3. Constant Consistency

Consistency in everything and finding the right balance is the key!

There is not such an important thing then being consistent with whatever you are doing. Consistency is the fruit of being successful. It is the driver you need to be back on track and to keep going on whenever you feel like giving up. I honestly failed last year and the previous years. Lack of consistency brought me there where I didn't want to be, but I already moved forward and keep being better and better. I'm proud that I'm improving myself. I kept working on that during the last six months of 2019 and I'm more than ready to be back on track. Well... almost. For example, I should have posted this blogpost on the second Monday of this new year... You'll get in on your screens anyway lol

On these 3 things I'm planning to be more consistent.

1. Health I'm probably not the only one who's having a subscription at a fitness center and never go there. This happened to me twice the past two years and before doing the same mistake this year, I had a serious talk with myself, my body in front of the mirror. Instead of paying a monthly subscription, I could have been running or having long walks in my village the entire time and save money. This is what it's all about during this year.

2. Social Media

I'm a "ghost" on social media. I'm watching, observing, commenting & sharing whenever I really like something. I'm also trying to be active but it's really time consuming and I'm the type of person who doesn't want to spend many hours on having a perfect feed. This year I forget about the perfection and the good looking page. Everything on social media is about reflecting your personality. I'll be putting my joyful, colorful life and beautiful smile on the front page with the right dose of fashion, travel & faith content.

3. Getting more organized

Every year during the month of January I'm buying new agendas and planners but I don't really make use of it. Again, a waste of money. This year my phone/laptop is my official planner. Started planning and writing down everything on it since last year and it really helped. I have everything whenever I need it and wherever I go. The days I'm shooting during the week are scheduled, all kind of events are scheduled, my work and school planning are also installed.

I hope you enjoyed knowing more about me and reading which 2020 visions I have. I'm praying that this year will be successful to each one of us in Jesus' Name. It doesn't matter where you are now, but where you will end. Plan everything, make schedules, take things and goals seriously, work hard and celebrate with champagne later.



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